RAVENOL Carb Reiniger Spray

RAVENOL  Carb Reiniger Spray is a special high active system cleaner to remove contaminations and deposits in the intake and throttle valve area.

RAVENOL  Carb Reiniger Spray has an excellent separation force against oil, grease, rubber, resin and varnish residues.

RAVENOL  Carb Reiniger Spray is used for carburetor cleaning and throttle valve cleaning of 2 and 4 stroke gasoline engines.

RAVENOL  Carb Reiniger Spray reduces the fuel consumption, improves the motor power, optimises the carburetor power. It is suitable for catalysts.

Application Notes:

Handling: Spray the parts which have to be cleaned effectually with RAVENOL  Carb Reiniger Spray when the motor isn’t running. Application time: 2-3 minutes. Then spray RAVENOL  Carb Reiniger Spray into the intake and throttle valve area for approximately 30 seconds when the motor is running. Increase the number of revolutions a little bit to burn unfixed deposits.


RAVENOL  Carb Reiniger Spray offers:
  • Improves the fuel flow and reduces the fuel consumtion.
  • Excellent cleaning power because of special surface activity.
  • Improves the motor power.
  • Optimises the carburetor power.
  • Because of the 360° valve system places which are difficult to reach are no problem.
  • suitable for catalysts.
RAVENOL Carb Reiniger Spray

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