RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150 is a high quality premium EP gear oil. It is used in geschllossenen industrial gear drives operating under heavy load conditions and wide temperature fluctuations.

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150 is formulated with PAO base oils and special additive technology to provide superior wear protection and outstanding performance in extreme temperatures and thus to ensure a long lubricant and equipment life.

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150 improves the overall efficiency in a wide range of temperatures and can contribute to reducing energy consumption.

Application Notes:

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150 is suitable for enclosed industrial gears and bearings, especially if they are used under demanding conditions such as high load, slow speed, shock or extreme temperature fluctuations.

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150 can cause by the tenacious oil film and the low coefficient of friction, energy saving in the gears. By the high viscosity index, the viscosity is maintained, even at high operating temperatures. This compared to conventional gear oils use a lower ISO class is possible and it provides the opportunity for energy savings.

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150 counteracts hard Betriebsbedingunen. The operating temperature remains low, while maintaining high film strength of the lubricant is maintained. For gearbox on RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150, we recommend to clean and rinse to get the full benefit of the product can the gear first.

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150 is compatible with mineral oils and Polyalphaolefin lubricants and most seal materials with the exception of natural rubber.

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150 is  a one range of temperatures from -30 ° C to +120 ° C .

Quality Classifications:

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150 is proven in practice and tested in aggregates with filling instruction:


DIN 51 517 Part 3, US Steel 224, Eickhoff Bergbautechnik: Bestätigung für die Verwendung in den Getrieberäumen, Flender Industrial Gear GE787/788- und GA880-Bauteile, Eickhoff Gear, Jahnel Kestermann, AGMA 9005-E02 (EP). David Brown S1.53.101 Typ E, Cincinnati Machine P-74


RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150 offers:
  • Outstanding wear protection.
  • Extends the life of gears and bearings , and thus the plants.
  • Protects plants , which are operated under harsh conditions and high loads.
  • Allows for trouble-free operation in a wide temperature and load range .
  • Improved film strength and extreme pressure properties than the synthetic products of the leading competitor.
  • Reduces the likelihood of scuffing and fretting , as well as outbreaks of gear teeth and bearing surface under high loads.
  • The synthetic formulation , therefore, reduces friction , energy efficiency in a wide temperature range.
  • Excellent performance in extreme temperatures , protects the system.
  • High viscosity index (VI ) for a wide operating temperature range.
  • Offers excellent resistance to rust and copper corrosion.
RAVENOL Getriebeoel PAO CLP 150

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